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Molotov bomb kills 16 in Cairo restaurant

Security officials told the MENA news agency that three men on a motorcycle threw Molotov cocktails into the club and then fled.

El Sayad restaurant is not officially a nightclub but is among Egypt’s small local eateries, which are quite popular with the locals and foreigners who wish to have alcohol with their meals.

The venue has been identified as El Sayyad (The Fisherman), a restaurant that doubles as an underground nightclub, located in the basement of an old building.

Forensic investigators inspect the crime scene. Egypt’s state-run Nile TV reported that authorities say the attackers’ motive was criminal and not related to terrorism.

A Molotov cocktail attack killed 16 in Cairo on Friday, wounding five.

The disaster is likely to renew concerns about safety standards in the country, where dozens have died in blazes in recent years. Three people were injured. He explained initially he believed it was a terrorist attack before when they were turned away, but he remembered having seen a few of the guys the night.

An insurgency intensified in the wake of the overthrow of former president Mohammed Morsi in 2013.

Friday’s attack took place just a few hundred yards from a police station that is heavily guarded by a security checkpoint. “Once they were pushed out, they returned and launched the attack” with Molotov’s in front of the door at the entrance; a huge fire ensued preventing those inside from escaping.

Eleven of the victims were staff and employees, and one of the bodies is a woman, added Mr. Abdel-Karim.

The interior ministry said an initial investigation indicated that the Molotov was hurled after a dispute erupted between restaurant workers and others.

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