United Kingdom and India to build cyber-security training centre

According to Modi, higher capital requirements should not become a constraint on promoting financial inclusion or functioning of the banking sector in developing countries. This included a rare overnight stay at his country residence, Chequers and welcome remarks at the Wembley stadium where Modi addressed nearly 60,000 UK-based Indians.

We need greater worldwide cooperation for return of illicit money to the country of origin and must address issue of excessive banking secrecy.

In his article, Modi has also touched upon the impact of India’s growth on environment.

In his lead intervention on the G-20 Working Lunch on Development and Climate Change, the Prime Minister provided seven factors for consideration which embrace shift from “carbon credit score” to “inexperienced credit score” and improve in share of visitors on public transport in cities by 30 % by 2030. The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, with London as a major global financial centre. All elements of the Bali package should be implemented fully.

“Unfortunately, we have got a President who is not convinced of that in this country”, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said in his remarks during the launch of Republican Hindu Coalition.

He also pressed for increased worldwide cooperation in intelligence and counter-terrorism.

Modi said the terrorists derive funding from a variety of criminal activities which include smuggling of narcotics, bank robbery, vehicle thefts, fake currency or from state sponsored activities in failed states. They have been fully trained at the academy and exposed to the working of the Central Government as desired by the Prime Minister and are now ready to take over their assignments in their respective states, he added.

“And, we tend to be selective in using the instruments that we have”, he said and asked G20 leaders to adopt a Comprehensive Convention on worldwide Terrorism “without any delay”.

“Our Government is committed to the implementation of a uniform global standard on Automatic Exchange of Information, on a fully reciprocal basis”.

G20 must continue to give priority on combating corruption, Modi said, while appreciating the efforts by the private sector in promoting transparency and integrity.


“Inevitably, some of these expectations run ahead of us…As we head into 2016, I remain conscious of the trust that has been placed in me and I resolutely intend to redeem it. No less than the success of 1.25 billion Indians and therefore a better future for all humanity, is at stake”.