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Dock Street’s Walking Dead Beer Features Real Goat Brains
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This one’s got real goat brains, mixed with a whole lot of grains and some other stuff. Dock Street Brewing Co., a Philadelphia based company has been creating a lot of waves with their otherworldly beers. ‘Walker’ is one of the company’s most popular beers to date. They released it in the honor of Walking Dead TV Series.

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Zombie inspired stuff is nothing new; every other business is releasing products in advance of the so-called apocalypse.

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However, every now and then when some business introduces an edible or some sort of drink with a twist of zombies, I cannot help but notice it. Dock Street’s Walker consists of your standard ingredients, such as wheat, oats, barley and a few cranberries. However, there is one exception, i.e. they use real goat brains smoked to perfection to add a strong distinct taste to ‘Walker’.

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According to Justin Low, the master brewer at Dock Street, he wanted to pay a tribute to the Walking Dead in a unique way.

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The ‘Walker’ carries a trail of smokey flavor, which is achieved with the help of our friendly neighborhood goats. Justin uses the goat brains to infuse a subtle flavor, whereas the cranberries are used for adding a trail of blood like resemblance to the beer.

By the way, Dock Street is not the very first company to come up with weird beers. A couple of days ago, I wrote a piece about some other consumables that were not only unique in terms of taste, but also left quite a mark on one’s palate.

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Rocky Mountain Brewery has come up with the Oyster Stout Beer – and yes, you guessed it right, they use Rocky Mountain Oysters as a main ingredient.

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Likewise there’s Game of Thrones beer out there too. I don’t know how it tastes like, but I hear that they met warm reception on the release day of their product.

Anyhow, here’s a collection of some of the most famous Undead and Walking Dead theme inspired products. Take a look below on the next page…

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Walking Dead Monopoly

The Monopoly series board games have been loved and religiously played for a long time now. If you are bored of playing the standard Monopoly, how about giving it a “Walking Dead” touch? This game has undergone a total makeover. You will see all new board pieces, strong references to the comic and TV series and even the playing tokens have transformed into Rick’s hat.

Walking Dead Zombie Bottle Opener

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Just a weird zombie faced bottle opener here, nothing special. The one’s crafted from solid metal and a wide socket infused in the eye of the zombie. You can open a wide range of bottles with ease and convenience.

The Snacking Dead: A Cookbook Parody

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D.B Walker, the man behind ‘Fifty Shades of Chicken’ wrote a marvelous book with over 50 different recipes. Not only are they fun to make, but they have strong comical references to The Walking Dead stuff. You’re going to love this book.

Michonne’s Katana

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We all remember Michonne and her two Zombie mules. However, one thing which really stands out is the woman’s penchant for decapitating zombies with her razor sharp katana. Michonne’s prized possession is not available as a mundane prop piece. It is not exactly the sharpest tool in the toolshed, but the katana has strong resemblance to its counterpart used in the TV series.

If Daryl Dies, We Riot T-Shirt

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Daryl’s been one of the most favorite characters on the show. Some people took their love for Daryl to a new height by releasing imprinted T-Shirts. These shirts suggest that there’s going to be a riot in case the famed celebrity meets an unexpected death in ‘The Walking Dead’.

Walking Dead Zombie Guitar Picks

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For fans of Walking Dead and guitars, these picks are going to come off as a nice addition. They are covered in richly detailed undead artwork; the kind of details that would definitely get you some curious glances.

Daryl’s Ear Necklaces!

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Quite not the “real” deal if you are into collecting severed zombie ears, but these prop ears do have some intricate details. You can either showcase this necklace in a framed box, or wear it around your neck; the choice is yours.

Still more to come, there are nearly weird beer koozies that were made to fit zombie theme inspired occasions. Take a look at the appended 8 of the finest beer koozies of all time.

The Beaver Fur Koozie

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Yep, your gut feeling is right about this Koozie. It is made from the finest beaver furs out there. The manufacturers even lined them up with pink neoprene to help keep the ‘Walker’ beer chilled for hours on end.

Luxury Wooden Beer Koozie

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Wood can retain temperature for long durations. The developers of Luxury Wooden Beer Koozie put two and two together and came up with these handy koozies. Each Koozie comes with three separate coats of water resistant lacquer to ensure that you get to sip beer without the slightest whiff of chopped wood or polish etc.

Thermos Co. Stainless Steel Can Koozie

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These koozies are a bit bigger than the average products out there in the market. In fact, I wouldn’t even classify them as a Koozie because of the stainless steel body. Regardless, they do have a solid reputation for keeping beverages insulated.

The Homeless Man Drink Cooler

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On the outside, this koozie looks like your normal crumpled paper bag. However, this “bum” bag has been reinforced with water and tear resistant Tyvek material. On top of that, there is an elastic opening, which makes it convenient for this koozie to fit beer bottles and cans of any sizes.

Cowhide Koozies

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Doesn’t matter if beaver fur is not your ideal choice of material for a beer koozie. This one is made from purest of the pure cowhide leather. Also, the folks at Red Montana Sky Designs stitched this beer koozie to perfection with their very own hands.

Kegzie Beer Cooler

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Designed to resemble a miniature keg, this beverage holder comes with a comfortable grip. The inside has been insulated to help ensure maximum cooling.

The Beard Koozie

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The Beard Koozie is my personal favorite Koozie to date. Designed by Michele Lestochi, this Koozie won her the number one position at the 2012 PBR Craft Show. Michele used faux fur and artificial hair for the designing process.

Bill Murrray Koozie

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I remember Bill Murray registering the undead in the popular Zombieland flick. This Koozie was made to tribute Bill’s small comical role in that film. On top of that, it also helps to keep your beer bottle n’ can cool for hours on end.

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