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The Mayhem Lads: Part 7

So, you think your whackiness is of the charts? Think again. These guys are on a level never thought possible. Eating cereal right before dinner? You got it. Getting all sciencey with your buddy on a night out? Sure thing cuz.  We’re positive that these off-the-wall examples will rub off on you, and turn you into a more cuckoo version of yourself as well.

Sour Cream Lover


“I need my protein woman!”

Low Energy


Someone get this man a Jeb! poster.

Cute Traspasser


Her motto: The rules are there to be broken.

No Way!


Yep, they went there alright!

Real Mayhem


Muh OCD is acting up again.

Not His House


It’s his friends house, and guess who’s taking the photo??

Full Blown Mayhem Lad


Invoking the gods of insulin sensitivity.

Buzzfeed Goes Loco


Ah hell nah, not the “illyourself”, cmon man.

Late Trip To The Mac


These fellas know how to party.

Testing The Supervisor


He was >literally< flabergasted.

Wat Am I


That got rid of the bullies.



Oh yeah, say that to your mom and see what happens.

Dark Showerer


“I might have texted you while I was in the shower. How wicked is that!?”

Flight Dodecahedron


Now that’s edgy!

The Break Up Reminder


The pain makes her stronger, gives her focus.

Pro Mayhem Lad


If you don’t get out of the way, he might just sit on your face.

A Mix From Hell


She got a B in algebra. This is the rightful punishment.

Now That’s Crazy



When she puts her mind to it, she does it.

The Bread Stapler


That’s the only thing he enjoys doing.



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