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Cringe That Will Make You Weep: Part 8

Some cringey content causes more of a :sadface: than it does a :laughemoji: That’s what we’re aiming for here. But if some of these photos make you laugh histerically and wake up your roomies instead of causing internal suffering, don’t blame it on us. We’re just here for a good time. With that vital information out of the way, let’s see what the Web’s got in store for us.

Rude Campus


When a not so popular kid on campus takes a stand.

Married At Last


“In sickness and in health”

Airsoft Prom Rebels


A cool way to say you can’t find a date.

Nice Guy Here


“Cuddle as I melt you with love forever!!!!” .. is that Hayley the Turtle?

Accomplished Friend


Gurls.. when will they learn?



Well that’s a grim outlook.

Super Liked


That’s gotta hurt.

Phone Bill Controversy


Upload a cute profile pic. Add a few thousand fb pals. Profit???

Great Pumpking Carver


It’s a new PUA approach that might actually work.

Brutally Honest


This only works in movies though.

Thanks Boromir


Painting is a good FA hobby. This man’s been around the block a few times.

Nice Guy Logic


“Don’t you dare use the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ line. I invented that line! If it’s anyone, it’s me!”

Pennywise Knows


What’s with the nice guys clown obsession? If you’re a nice guy, please tell us about it in the comment section.

Swipe Correctly


He gave you the knowledge, now it’s up to you to exercise free will in the correct manner.



His heart cracked beyond repair upon realizing the sad reality of the situation.



Doesn’t sound very nice. The mask is starting to slip off.

Me and Squeaks


Don’t worry, it’s a platonic relationship.

Looking For A Cardio Bunny 


He just told him to eat more kale.

An Inquiry


He’s always left in the dark.

“Intellectual Man…”


Everyone carries their own cross… his happens to be supreme intellect.

Aunty Chips In


Aunts and facebook is an unpredictable combo.

Yummy Lady


Yummy juggs.



Where the yummy juggs at tho?

The Blanket Of Comfort And Passivity


It’s easy to lose sense of time under that thing.



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