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Food That Will Make You Lose Your Lunch – Part 1

The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to cook.  A good cook can turn the basic ingredients into a tasty dish.  Those aren’t very interesting though.  Here is a collection of dishes that should never have have seen the light of day.

This is a cheese pizza.  Who does this?  Honestly?  It’s a waste of bread, tomatoes, and cheese.  This isn’t the worst pizza in this collection.  That’s still to come.

This is a salad.  let’s not gloss over the fact that’s served in a cup but it’s spinach… with an egg on top.  That’s it.

A burger, on a slice of cheese, with a single slice of onion.  For starters, a hamburger without a bun is pointless.  On top of a piece of cheese is infuriating.  It’ll just melt and stick to the cheap paper plate.

Your guess is just as good as mine on what this is.

This double belongs in the pile of “Food crossovers no one asked for or needs” pile.

Hotdogs on a burger bun covered in BBQ Sauce and A1.

Nothing is as delicious as a nicely cooked ramen with an egg.  This isn’t one of those however.  This is a terrible Ramen from the packet with a poorly cooked fried egg thrown on top.

Apparently a salad is Lettuce, ham, and tomato and nothing else.  The reason you like this “salad” is because it’s 2 pieces of bread away from being a sandwich.

“Poor Mans Lasagna”.  Crinkle cut fries, ragu, and cheese baked in the oven.  It sounds tasty but looks atrocious.

This was made by a girlfriend for her boyfriend.  At least there was an attempt?  I’m sure the thought was much nicer than the way it looks.  Almost has to be.

A raspberry (yes, raspberry) puree with boiled egg.

A Mountain Dew and Doritos cake.  All the neckbeards out there just tried to eat their screens.

Who in gods name would put peanut butter on pizza?

I think they were trying for nachos but got “nachos”.

The twitter user who posted this called it their “Special White Cake”.

These are vegan hot dogs.  If you’re going to go ghetto, at least splurge for meat.

Carbonara and Chicken.  This was done by a professional though who posts a lot of pictures like this.  This is one of the worst however.

This is a “Chicago Deep Dish Pizza” better known as Tomato Soup Pizza.  This is no different.  It just looks like tomato paste scooped onto bread.

Steak and Cheese with Sweet Baby Rays sauce.  More like Sweet-Baby-Jesus-why-did-you-make-this-and-I-hope-you-didn’t-eat-it sauce.  However, the worst is saved for last.  Nothing beats…

What is supposed to be a marinated steak turned into marinated charcoal.  Use these to fire up the grill to cook a steak proper next time.

Pretty sure that’s supposed to be brussle sprouts in some sort of… oil?  With peppercorn?

A lasagna (no, i swear, they said it was lasagna), and a side “salad”.

Processed turkey roll (glued together with meat glue. It’s a real thing, look it up), carrots and what I’m assuming are some sort of potato something.

A Veggie “burger” on sliced bread.  I could be starving for 4 days and someone offer me this, I’d hold out until day 5 just in case something tastier came along.  Like roaches.  Nothing, not even this, can top the number 1 terrible dinner in this collection.  It is…

Fried chicken feet.  No matter how much you fry it, it’s STILL chicken feet.  Bon appetite!


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