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Just Serve Us Food On Plates Please – Part 1

Pretentious restaurants will serve food, now, on anything but plates.  Tablecloths, buckets, shovels, and more.  This is a collection of the worst of the worst.

Sushi is great.  Martini’s are great.  Sushi in a martini is just a waste of both.  Still not more ridiculous than…

Shrimp in a miniature shopping cart.  I can’t say that I’d stop laughing long enough to be able to eat this.

“One funnel of onion rings please” – Words I never thought would be uttered.

The new beer flights. Beer muffin pans with gummy bears.

You’ve had breaking IN bed.  Now try it on a miniature one.

This is supposed to be a Ham and Cheese sandwich.  Just served in a jar.

Chicken Pot Pie in a cone.  Why?  I don’t know.

I still don’t get the “Serve the food in a dog bowl” style.

Cookies served on fur.  Because nothing compliments cookies like animal hair in your mouth.

This looks like broken up ramen sauteed with stuff then just stuffed into todays newspaper.  I guess when done, you can fill it out.  Sort of like the mazes on kids menus at Pizza Hut.

Steak and mashed potatoes.  Nope, i’m serious.  That’s what this is supposed to be.

I have to say, despite looking like a clumsy mess waiting to happen, this looks bloody delicious.  It certainly looks better than the next entry…

It’s already a mess when they serve it to you.

Technically, it is served on a plate.

I really wish I could tell you what this is.  Other than looking like cold vomit, I’d have to guess some sort of beef stew?

HOLY CANOLI!  Canoli’s served in a canoli.

An example of why people do this.  This is okay looking food.  Fairly generic looking food.  So how do you charge top dollar for generic looking food?  By trying to be artsy with it and doing stupid stuff like this.  But it still doesn’t top our next entry…

It’s a brownie with ice cream and a cookie.  No, fix that.  Brownie, cookie, and a tiny bit of ice cream and now room temperature milk on a board.

Ribs, nachos, and wings.  All great food.  It doesn’t need to be served on a multiplatform…. thing.

Pizza served on an overturned baking pan.  Nevermind that a pan has NOTHING to do with Pizza but why?  The only thing worse would probably be…

Being served in a dust pan.  Does this mean “We know our food is trash so here” or “We expect you to clean up after you’re done eating, Pam!”  No entry here so far holds a candle (or served on one) to the worst of the worst.  A salad, served in…

A freakin’ flower pot.  See those scissors?  You’re expected to CUT YOUR SALAD OUT OF THE POT!  No, I’m not joking.  Your salad was grown in the pot and now you make it yourself by cutting it out of the pot.

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