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Cringe That Will Make You Weep: Part 5

Being a philosopher/poet on social media is a risky task. It can be hard to get your message across, and sometimes the message isn’t that good to begin with. Is that the case with our new friends in this slideshow, or will they show us just how deep the rabbit hole goes? It’s time to find out.

Looking For Pals


Not the best way to go about it.

Informing Grandson


“My grandson will be hip, I’ll make sure of that!”

On A College Confessions Page



He’s really nice so that’s the only option.

The Pledge


Cause girls love neediness.



A quality reverse burn.

The Experiment


Wow, it can’t get sadder than that. Or can it?



“But it’s banana-choco cake, your favorite!”


Too Much Information


Jeez.. I wonder why his marriage didn’t work out?

Ahsan The Indian



When you’re lonely who better to video call than a chick you’ve never met.



Yeah, that’s exactly how greasy hair works..



Nothing gets past her.

Wife Trollolol


By the time she’s finished trolling, this bloke will be raising Jamal’s kid.

Campus Joy


He either eats alone or not at all.

Neckbeard Birthday Edition


It’s like he’s not even there.


Long Distance Relationship


It happens, watcha gonna do.

It Hurts


He got all excited too..

It’s Not What You Think

We’re just fraaaans.

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