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Emo Boys of India – Part 7

We are back with our Emo Boys from India pulling off some really cool random stuff. With the help of their magical Photoshop skills and super attractive filters, there is no stopping of them!

Hey Baby Look At Me

Source: Cheezburger

I love you, okay?

Rain <3

Source: Cheezburger

Filters are love, even though if they don’t have any relationship with the pic.


Source: Cheezburger

Smash or Pass???

The Rich Arab

Source: Cheezburger

What else do you want in background?


Source: Cheezburger

Keep reading…

Naughty Bird

Source: Cheezburger

Even the innocent bird isn’t spared from false allegations.

I’mma rich dude

Source: Cheezburgera

Those chest hairs -_-

Pepsi can

Source: Cheezburger

So you think a Pepsi can can’t serve as a lethal background for your dp?

Pray to God

Source: Cheezburger






Source: Cheezburger

His celebrations are definitely lit.

Lucky Rahul

Source: Cheezburger

Will you be my girlfriend please????

 I Hate Love Storys

Source: Cheezburger

But I love faking one.

Haters go away pwizzz

Source: Cheezburger

She is an actress and it’s photoshopped from a movie scene. Good job though!

Time to go

Source: Cheezburger

Thanks for reading!

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