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Trashy And Proud Of It: Part 3

Rednecks come in all shapes and sizes. But there’s one thing that unites them under the same banner – they’re trashy and proud of it. Here we’ve focused on the stuff that would make even your normie grandson cringe. So fasten your seat belts cause we’re venturing into the deep end of the trailer park.


Trashy Tats


Never pass out in a frat house.

Can you read it?


Yep, it’s “Hillbilly”. Stay classy bro.

Free Ad


She’s doing the Germans a disservice.

Slimming Down


You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Fine The Police


That’s a good investment for the future.

Call Me In Your Time Of Need


Share this slideshow if you’re the black sheep of the family. (please)

Black Sheep 


At least the cowboy skeleton meme was correct.

Single Life


He’s got an attitude. A pregnant gurl can still have fun right?

Heart Melting Proposal


This screenshot is his prenup.

Trashy Wheels


This time judging a book by it’s cover seems appropriate.

The Ear Gap


“Don’t worry they got the muzzle on.”

It Ain’t Stoppin


But sometimes we wish it did.

Assembly Required


And yet he carries a Breitbart fidget spinner in his back pocket.

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