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Unnecessary Projects Part 2

The title says it all. These are projects that shouldn’t even be considered, but are completed by someone that thought it’s a perfect plan. No, it is not.

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Cardboard Car.

It can literally fly.

A House.

This is my dream house.

Toilet Paper.

Don’t let go, Jack!

Door Turned Table.

“I am going to make this door a table” Yeah, I have thoughts like these every single day.

Another Table.

I don’t even want to know what that is.

We are the champions.

Maybe you are, but not the car.


Here, just put this piece of wood there.

A Castle.

There is no stopping, eh?


Good luck in there, fam.

Blazing it blue.

Look what I can do!


Time to go to the bad neighborhood.

Phone Case.

You are missing a skull.

Orange Thing.

And he had to put those spikes on the front wheel.

In need of mums.

Here, here! Take me!


If you can doesn’t mean you should.

Keyboard Frame.

That’s a lot of blank buttons. Where did you get them?

A Door.

I fixed it honey. Can I not sleep on the couch now?

A Lock.

You ain’t running away from me.

Jewelry Storage Boxes.



Well, at least you tried.

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