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Stuff That Makes You Cringe – Part 1

Ever read something to embarrassing you can feel your face pucker up like you just ate a lemon?  This is a collection of some of the finest cringe around.

Her point stands.  Move forward.  Best way to get over someone is to get under someone.  Mourning won’t help you get laid!

How ELSE will she get people to beg her to share this, obviously, inappropriate dream?

To be fair, who names their kid “Snow”?

Nice sentiment but WOW.  Mom with the overreach of sharing.

Pretty sure this wasn’t even cool at the end of 2015 and we’re approaching the end of 2017 now.  Can we let this die?

I have to say, F- for messaging the wrong person but A+ for owning up to it.

There is at least 11 cups in this car.  11.  The thing is at QT you can find a trash can and I’m sure a dumpster.  It’s just sheer lazy not emptying the car out next to a trash can.

Wow, using a death to further your career.  It’s a bold move Cotton.

“I dont like sports”.  The HECK you say!  Surely you jest.  YOU aren’t into sports?  Color me surprised.

This is desperate and sad.  Really sad.


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