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Stupid Internet – Part 4

If there’s one thing that the world will never face a shortage of, it is supply of stupidity. With the exposure that internet provides, there is abundance of stupidity getting bombarded through endless channels. Here’s a small amount of it handpicked from the unlimited supply.

Shanetta, The Independent Feminist

Source: Cheezburger

So now women have turned into plants, Nice going feminists!

Modern Thermometers

Source: Cheezburger

At least I will be hot for her too.

Prison Love

Source: Cheezburger

Just one of the 100 normal conditions you should be able to satisfy for dating her.

Trading Looks

Source: Cheezburger

Good job!

Time for Fight

Source: Cheezburger

The neckbeardiest thing I can think off, DAMN.


Source: Cheezburger

Can you help? Please?

Anime Love

Source: Cheezburger

Because getting love on earth is nearly impossible for him.

Scientific discussions

Source: Cheezburger

I wanted this conversation to go on and on…

IQ must be 135+

Source: Cheezburger

It is higher than 99% of the general population, Good luck!

No Hate for Waifu

Source: Cheezburger

“Waifu isn’t just a drawing, It is my life.”

Pentagon Problems

Source: Cheezburger

Things would have been good if you were more attentive in Geometry class.

Poor Advertising Schemes

Source: Cheezburger

No need to hurry, offer is valid till stupidity lasts.


Source: Cheezburger

Even I don’t know how to put a caption for it.


Source: Cheezburger

What else can you expect from Beliebers?

Fake Status

Source: Cheezburger

People try anything nowadays thinking it will look cool.

Miku MIku

Source: Cheezburger

Don’t waste your time on haters bro. Miku is love, Miku is life.

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