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Emo Community Cringe

Emos were all the rage in the past decade or so. They withered away shortly after, together with Green Day and similar bands. Regardless of that, some emos are still among us and by making this compilation we’re surely playing with a beehive. But no risk equals no reward so let’s jump at the cringe that awaits.

Selfie Time


Not sure whether to be sad, or rage cringe.

Logan Paul’s Emo Days


Love the haircut bro.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger


Ahh.. the jock/emo combo.

Growing Emotional


What did we do wrong??

Astonishing Her


*identifying as a dudette for a moment to receive this compliment*

Putting Dad In His Place



“Dad can you please make me a tuna fish sandwich with lettuce.”

“Ok Nancy.”

Sad Minion 


“It’s like.. no one understands me.. and I’m just like.. bug out..”

Just Remember This Photo


I’m feeling better already.

Hashtag Emo


Emo and goth combined for maximum results.

Ehh.. Surprise??


He’s trying to scare us and it’s working.

My Emo


“Femme boys bumming each other”

Emo Pick Up Tacticians


These guys come from the future.

Bubbled Emotions



Too emo for the gymnasium.

Emo Music


So, are they emo bands or not? “Well yes but uhm..”


Emo McNugget


Nicknaming herself by her head shape. That’s bravery.





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