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Weird Mannequins

People are weird. We can dress up and get crazy sometimes. It is fine, though. But Weird Mannequins can be a little bit extreme, even for us! These mannequins were made to make us cringe no matter what. That’s right! They have weird faces, strange arms and legs, even no head at all! Take a look at these weird mannequins.

Face! Face!


Are you surprised or what? – I am scared AF.

Alien Mannequin


There is something going on on your body, sweetie.

Anime Soul


Cringe on their kimonos!

Spider Kid


He got it just for Halloween.

Mix Race


He is just a bi-raced kid.




Get some tongue from this guy!

Alice In Wonderland?


There is no time for this!

Fishy Fish!


Let’s meet down the river!



Just legs for days!

Giraffe Woman 


This is truly unrealistic.

My Precious


Gollum goes Fashion Week.

Cry Me a River


Do not try this at your store.

Swang Kid


No arm. Don’t care!

Laugh at You!


Why so serious? Get a laugh with us!

Suspicious Kid 


I bet He is into some trouble over there!



Getting some!

Alien Cocktail Girl 


There is always a time for a cocktail.

Tired AF

Source: Imgur.comç

This work is just not for me.

My Little Creepy Pony


New trend alert: brony mannequins

Asia is Here


Quite relatable, rigth?

Animals Around


Family reunion time!

The Gang


He is just the creepy one in the gang.

Legs For Days


No knees. They are just regular chicks!

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