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Waifu Heaven: Part 2

While the debate on whether 2D girls are superior to 3D ones rages on, it seems that some weeaboos have already firmly made up their mind. The pillows, photoshop skills and many other strategies are used to conjure up a suitable waifu straight from the Anime World. In this slideshow we’ve compiled heavy-duty cringe that might make you rethink your position on waifus altogether. So let’s get this Jimmy Rustle up and running.

You May Kiss The Bride


A wife that never ages. This man is on to something.

Funny GF


Even the imaginary waifu is avoiding him.

Moving In


She looks like her needs are being satisfied.

Waifu Is Laifu


Confidence is everything.

Taking A Nap


If he moves, the waifu will fall apart.

The Good Life


Meanwhile in the Cringe Admin barracks.

Hot Waifu


Irma is a feisty one.

Happy Costumers


“almost like giving an actual person a hug haha”



She’d do anything for him.

Brunch Time


You go ahead ahead honey, I’m stuffed.

Having A Pint


The stare of dissaproval.

The Honeymoon Trip


R.I.P. Zyzz

Waifu Shrine


He’s the priest-protector.

Full Package


Wife and a kid.. he’s a real bread winner.

A Day With The Wife


Its movie! time! –> part 2 incoming



“Oh will you relax? It’s just a movie you silly beans.”

Gambling Problem


How long before he gambles away the pillow?

Centaur Fun



Silly Goose


267 likes? This planet is doomed.

Alas We Meet


Well, at least he’s into humanoids.

Impulsive Decision


“Dude, she’s just marrying you for the visa.”

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