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Neckbeards On Cringe Parole

Neckbeards are a major cringe faction, and it’s about time we gave them more space to express their feelings and ideas. There’s no time to ponder the consequences of this decision. Here they come!

No Patience Left


It’s always the Joker for some reason.

Hair Brusher


A perfect mix of nice and lunacy.

High IQ


Probably binge watches Beyonce’s music videos.

The Maze


His mind is amazeing.

Scoring Points


Yep, if you let his demons loose, you’re gonna have a bad time.

THE Shirt


Sold unironed and with chips crumbs.

Blade Lotus


This couldn’t get any worse.

Confronting A Jock


Obama always struck me as neckbeard friendly.



Eventually she’ll remember this comment and seek him out. #dealwithit #gentlemanisvictoriousintheend”

Gentleman’s Anthem


He wants to protect ALL the hot girls.

In A Rush


When there’s no time to wipe.

Fedora Supreme


Now he’ll get double the fair maidens.

Message For Megan


Neckbeard used *stun*. It’s super effective.

Gentleman Traits


Someone get this man a girlfriend to spoil!

Automated Message


Definitely a stalker.

Gentle Approach


He’s a natural.

Fully Operational Battle Station



Waifu resting as it should be.

The Puppet Master


A daily dose of creepy.

A Neckbeard Nest

What a battle station looks like in practice.

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