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Advertising with Memes Part 8

Cringe takes on a new level whenever companies try to meme their way into business. Anguish in a collection of  LIT AF  cringey advertisements.

Hip Emojis

Source: Reddit

Well, at the very least it’s a positive reinforcement.

Emoji Analysis

Source: Reddit

A total emoji analysis will get us more views for sure!

Jean Meme

Source: Reddit

They really did put effort into making this one.


Source: Reddit

Way to go advertising new phone. Nobody says that by the way.

Game Face

Source: Reddit

Stock photo on a poster. Welp.

Cool rating

Source: Reddit

This guy is so young and hip!

Bathroom cleanliness

Source: Reddit

Bathroom wisdom as displayed

School Memes

Source: Reddit

All of these are just gonna give my students the giggles.

Snacking meme

Source: Reddit

Eating it quietly in class is the loudest sound everrrr!

Meme drawing

Source: Reddit

“Good luck fam”. The drawings just make it worse.


Source: Reddit

Can of soda is super chill.

Free Spinner

Source: Reddit

Changing people’s mind about buying the bag. Lol.

Pro Fan

Source: Reddit

A real hardcore pro fan dabs in real life.

Restaurant Memeing

Source: Reddit

I guess I am taking my family elsewhere for dinner tonight.


Source: Reddit

Buzzfeed never fails to amaze me.

Tweeting Religiously

Source: Reddit

Getting these youngsters to stay in church is their goal.

Meme game

Source: Reddit

Another of Buzzfeed’s creation.

Spongebob meme

Source: Reddit

Ha-ha! Hilarious!


Source: Reddit

Millennials like that ASMR stuff right?

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