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Social Media : The Cringe Heaven – Part 9

We have come as far as Part 9, still there is no ending to the cringe delivered by social media. Yet another collection of such gems, manually picked by us to fill in your cringe demands. Enjoy!

Hey M’lady

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Will you?

 Modern familiy

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If that’s how the future looks, I don’t want to get modernised.

Fabulous Eyebrows

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Selfie Time

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This is why you should have  a good retirement plan.

Awesome Eyebrows

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Madeline is a STAR *

Don’t Scroll for God

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Evilest thing I could imagine.

Bro, 21

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Please stay a minimum of 26 miles away only.


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Wadeez life>>>

Please Stop Bae

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Bae just doesn’t stop from clicking my hot pics!

Single Again!

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww so bad.


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Such a smooth lie.

Revealing Images

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This is why I will never be able to understand ‘abstract art’.

Your vs You’re battle

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Don’t know about beautiful but Kristina is smart.


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Looking at it for few seconds can give a serious headache.

Parents don’t like my stupidity

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I see few reasons here itself.

Kelly Kelly

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Woman were already not that simple to understand and now we have something called nonbinary femme queer.

When you forget to switch to fake account

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What is going on Dina???

Maybe she is commenting the messages from inbox or just thanking everybody who liked the pic.

Face Tattoos

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Drake is one lucky boy.

Repulsive Feminists

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This has been the most saddening campaign ever.

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