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Snapchat Cringe Stories

Snapchat stories last for only 24 hours, but screenshots last forever. A big thank to all the humble people around the world who helped us with these screenshots. With people getting obsessed over clicking pics and showing the world what they are doing, technology is dragging us down. But at least we get to chuckle and our daily cringe demands are fulfilled.


Natural Eyebrows

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If this is natural, I would love to see how this girl’s “dressed up” look.

The Patroller

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I am not a lady but I cringed so hard. Ladies how would you feel about this patroller????


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When life decides to teach you a lesson.

Classy Man

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Because nothing says classy like a fedora.

Dirty Shirt

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Okay he might have not noticed it while wearing but nobody else told him about this??


Media Source

No longer fine.


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So cute, isn’t it?

BAE Take 2

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Night with a Stranger

Media Source

The “who’s this” is really not understandable, she looks to be amused and not freaked out.

The Crybaby

Media Source

This one physically hurts. You aren’t getting her back after she sees this snap.

Thug Life

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Media Source

LMAO it is true.

Queen of Gardens

Media Source

You should attend your classes first.


Media Source

I really want the whole video of his attempts.


Media Source

Was it supposed to be scary?


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Media Source

At least he knows he is a big mistake!

Imagine watching this for 10 secs daily

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Nice thing to wake up to, this is why you shouldn’t check mobile directly after waking up.


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No xxxxx please.


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You ok Bruh?

Hey Baby

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Bye Baby.

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