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Our Trip To Cringeville

This year authorities allowed the Cringe Admins to visit Cringeville, existence of which has been a mere speculation for a few decades. It was the annual Cringe Expo that triggered it. The whole trip and the encounters we had with the natives were so surreal that we had to snap some photos and give you a glance of the cringe magic. So here it is.

On The Bus

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This local was returning to Cringeville with fresh snails, but they tried to escape.


Through The Dungelo Path

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Common occurence on this road. We helped him scoop the eels back in the basket.


Took A Shortcut To Town

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He thought we were easy meat.


Cringe Werewolf

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Otherkin are a common occurence in these parts.


The Town Guard

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At first he thought we were bandits and swinged his bat a few times.


Hunger Set In

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Organic zucchini and hot dog, the Cringeville’s special dish.


Gal Admin

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Some admins stuck to the regular fast food.


Different Customs

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Folks in Cringeville actually drink through their nose to keep the teeth enamel intact.


In The Hotel

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That’s how cringe people rest.


The Warring Factions

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There was a lot of inner city fighting between Juggalos and Maggots at the time.


The Ashes Of Time

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Ash is celebrated as a symbol of times gone by, rather than scooped and thrown away.


Reactor Defense

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Even Cringeville has it’s Chinatown.


The Great Fall

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This is a tourist attraction. You are given a ride on hairmobile which ends here. See hairmobile in next photo ->



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You put your feet in the middle and use GPS to direct it.


The Souvenir

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A small gift for an Otherkin pal.



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The FBI was watching us the whole time.


Back To Freedom

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Last scene from Cringeville. After we crossed the border everything went back to normal again.


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