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Random Indians Going Wild on Social Media

With India being one of the most populated countries in the world and Social Media taking a huge part in our everyday activities, we can meet random Indians almost anytime. They are well known for their strange mentality about the world and are often found on the internet talking about pretty ladies and marriage. Here are some cases we’ve gathered for your viewing.


18. Single

Source: Reddit


To all the singles out there… HI XDDDD

He’s looking for a wife. He’ll make lots of photoshopped images of you and him together. Just have a look at some samples he’s made:


17. Photoshop Skills

Source: Reddit


What? Don’t you like them?

At least he’s only sending pictures for now… It could be worse, like this next one…


16. Love

Source: Reddit


Can’t you see how much he misses you?

If you message him back, he will only ask one thing from you and it’s very important…


15. Just 1 Play station

Source: Reddit


He really needs a Play Station. Just look at his cute pet tiger, surely that will make you say yes!


14. Boy and His Beast

Source: Reddit


He’s so edgy, just like the neckbeard wearing a fedora in #6! It’s a classic, just wait until you see it.

A tiger is pretty cool though, but maybe you’re into the bad boy type? How about this one:


13. The Bad Boy

Source: Reddit


A real bad boy right there. Then there’s the tough Indians on social media…


12. Cyber Fighter Looking for a Wifey



If I win you are mine. You surrender your hand in marriage after defeat! 

But wait, your knight in shining armor is here to save you:


11. No Disrespectin’ the Females

Source: Reddit


I respect females, sir. You better not be trolling the ladies or whatever this next guy is doing, or this fedora wearing Indian will find you!


10. I Slap?

Source: Reddit


Having a conversation can be difficult over text or social media but it’s even more difficult trying to understand what the point of some of these image posts are. Have a look:


9. Son

Source: Reddit


We can’t fix that problem. Maybe he’s trying to find a wife for his son? All we can tell is that he’s getting very frustrated with it based on his next post…

8. Angry Emoticons


And the posts become that much more awkward with Indians over social media.

This next one is a prime example:


7. Eat Your Veggies

Source: Reddit


It’s a fair point, but that sort of came out of left field. Maybe we should talk about where you’re from or something first…


6. England is My City



See, normal conversations can be had and I’d say that conversation went pretty well.


We’ve saved the cringiest conversations with Indians for last. Stick around to see more!


5. Good Manners

Source: Reddit


I wonder what he wants to ask next about American girls though…

4. Just Friends

Source: Reddit


Maybe he just wants to be friends after all. Or, maybe he has other ideas in mind…


3. 3 Years later

Source: Reddit


He must have been slowly dying for 3 years until he popped back into her DMs. These random Indians are too much, I don’t even know what to say… If you’re still following through you must be at a loss for words like this next guy.


2. Loss for Words

Source: Reddit


Thanks, One Side Lover. On that note, Afzal will now bid you adieu…

1. Good Night



You are welcome, Afzal. Good night.



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