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That Happened: Part 3

Some people just love to lie about their crazy adventures to others, and that’s been made even easier through the raging popularity of social media and various forums. The stories these folks come up with.. boy oh boy.. you just have to see it for yourself. Here we’ve compiled 25 fresh cringe-stories that most likely didn’t happen.

Real Life Tony Hawk

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The cops were forced into clapping by that backside flip.

Fake Plastic Bush

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I guess the rocks soaked up all the water.



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At least it’s an improvement.

10 Year Old Animal Activist

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This sure went viral.

A Crazy Morning

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Was probably just stuck in traffic for an hour and majorly pissed off.

The Kazoo Story

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This might have happened, but it’s still cringe inducing though.

The Magical Bachelor

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Husband material right there.

A Laughing Matter

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When the drill sergeant cracks a smile, you know it’s a good day.

Pun Pick-Up Artistry

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Yep, major respect dude.

When Grandma Gets Angry

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So she peed in all of their trash cans?

The Swordsman 

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Why would they ever ask a Templar such silly questions? That’s a genius idea.

The Bus Party

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The most realistic example of youtube commenters ever.

Obedient Doggo

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That dog looks dissapointed.

Street Fighter

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If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Planet Fitness

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Only when you get kicked out of a gym can you be considered a certified bad*ss.

Attack Drone


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Those darn millenials.. always stirring up trouble.


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Surely requires lab analysis.

Obesity = Perfect Lab Work

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Being fit robs your organs of oxygen. Please take notice fellow salad munchers.

The Amazon Guy

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Must was right – these drones are getting too smart too fast.

A Big Meany

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That’s New York bookstores for ya.

Dan The Man

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A weird fact: having firm and plump glutes and showing them off online harnesses a significant amount of attention.

Students Don’t Like The Donald

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I guess fat shaming is bad only when directed at Tumblrinas.

And A Positive Story For The End

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(no homer)

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