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Creeps of Cyberspace

The world is filled with all kinds of people. Hopefully, the kinds of people you do encounter are not creeps, like the ones in today’s slideshow. These people have absolutely no shame or embarrassment, and what you will see them doing will leave your jaw dropping harder than you ever thought possible. Here are 25 images of creepy people from all across the internet.
Happy birthday

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Makes you wonder what their past is.

Very beautiful

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Ladies, will you let him kiss your face?


Mexican food

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Well, that’s how you make someone dislike Mexican food.


Good looking

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Vikas really knows how to pick up women with that clean hygiene.

Call me

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That’s how you make a conversation extremely awkward in no time at all.


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Well, that’s one way to embarrass yourself while drunk.


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Your fake boyfriend’s parents did not think you were good enough? Hmm…

Wife and husband

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This is Facebook! Grow up!

Like if you would date

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That prediction was spot on.

Stealing pictures

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What makes you think they want to see some random girl you’re friends with?


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That makes me wonder what a tattoo tastes like.



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Take it easy there champ, we’ve only just met each other.

Roleplaying pt. 2

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Seriously, what is with you roleplayers? This stuff doesn’t work!


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The names aren’t working out for you bud.

Get lost

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Quit playing these games and leave my boyfriend alone!

Boyfriend text

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She must really love him to let him be that protective.

Don’t like his pictures

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It doesn’t matter that you guys are related, leave my boyfriend alone.

Le sigh

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Look bud, you may just be a little too open. Just my two cents.

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